Global LC-MS/MS Clinical Laboratories Virtual Event 2021

This event is now on demand

Reach new heights in your clinical laboratory with LC-MS/MS technology

Connect with clinical experts from around the globe and discuss the added value of LC-MS/MS technology, a very powerful analytical tool, offering high accuracy, precision, sensitivity and specificity.

Through this 2 day event, we will see WHY LC-MS/MS is recognized as the gold standard technology for many applications and HOW easy it can be to implement fully automated LC-MS/MS in a routine clinical laboratory workflow thanks to the first fully automated and regulatory compliant clinical analyzer, the Thermo Scientific™ Cascadion™ SM Clinical Analyzer.

As we move into a more regulated environment we have divided our sessions to accommodate your local requirements. Day 1 is ONLY available to viewers in the US, Canada and Brazil. Day 2 is ONLY available to EU/Australia/New Zealand, Hong Kong.

Why attend?

  • Connect with your peers to discuss the latest developments around LC-MS/MS technology and its benefits
  • Discover how to reach new heights in your lab by implementing LC-MS/MS into your routine
  • Learn how to organize LC-MS/MS in your lab through several applications
  • Through first-hand user experience and demonstrations, explore the different LC-MS/MS solutions provided by Thermo Fisher Scientific
By attending this event, you will have the opportunity to hear from keynote speakers and experts across the globe, and engage with them via Q&A and networking. You’ll also have an opportunity to listen to from lab users, scientists, R&D team, to watch virtual demonstrations and to access relevant applications and product resources.

Who should attend?

Clinical laboratory (private and public) professionals (from the technician to the CEO).
This event is now on demand
Thermo Fisher Scientific products are distributed globally so uses, applications, and availability of product in each country depend on local regulatory marketing authorization status. This event is only available in certain countries, please only register if you see your country in the country drop-down list on the registration page.